Precision Fabrication with Turnkey Capabilities!

FABRICATE……IT’S WHAT WE DO. We can provide you with turnkey products using our expertise to do Contract Manufacturing in house while utilizing our outside services for Powder Coating – Painting – Silk Screening – Plating and Machining.

With over 100 years of combined sheet metal fabrication experience, we can manufacture your parts to meet and/or exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on meeting the commitments we have made to you and your company. Whether it’s building your product to print, or meeting your delivery dates, we are committed to exceptional service. MHAC Systems Inc. also knows in this industry problems do arise, and when they do, we are responsive and solution driven. That’s what we expect from our vendors, and it’s only fair we do the same for you. We welcome the opportunity to quote your product and the opportunity to demonstrate that we say what we will do, and do what we say.

MHAC Systems offers complete design and engineering services to facilitate and complete most any product through the manufacturing process. We can work with almost any form of data, from a sketch on a napkin to native files from your favorite cad system.

MHAC Systems uses Laser technology in the manufacturing process, increasing the accuracy of our customer’s product and ensuring precision and detail through to the finished product. Organic shapes and contours can easily be produced with our laser equipment.

With a full complement of CNC turret punch presses, we can form louvers, embosses, lances and many other formed features. We even have the ability to laser cut and form on the same machine via our Amada Apelio Punch/Laser combination machine.

When Heat affected zones are an issue, or you need a material cut that can’t be laser cut or punched, we have the solution. Waterjet cutting is a complementary cutting method that can cut materials that just can’t be done cost effectively in other ways. Waterjets can cut just about anything.

Complete forming and bending capabilities. MHAC Systems can handle short or long run production manufacturing. With the capacity to bend up to 13 ½ foot long parts, we find that most parts we come across easily fall within our forming capabilities.

MHAC performs part sampling, scanning the first article and checking a number of every profiled part out of each run, to ensure it is accurate to the flat pattern before subsequent operations are performed. This removes the wasted time and resources that happen when incorrect parts are allowed to continue down the production line. Need a flat part reverse engineered? Our large format scanner can take a flat part and turn it into digital data.

From the welding of complex assemblies with tight tolerances to simple bracketry, MHAC can handle almost anything you may need welded. With multiple MIG and TIG stations as well as robotic welding cells, we can turn most welded products in less time and for less cost than the competition.

Many customers prefer a “seamless” look to their welded parts. There are many variables that come in to play to achieve this, depending on the parent materials and shape of parts to be joined. We can grind and sand steel sheet so that when painted or powder coated the seams are not visible. Or if your parts are stainless, we can just passivate the welds to restore the corrosion resistance or we can completely grind and refinish the seams. We can make sure that your parts have the look that makes you stand out from your competition.

Precision sheet metal components are no good if they don’t make it to you intact. MHAC Systems plant staff takes great care to deliver outstanding packaging, including automated stretch wrapping of products for a secure delivery to the final destination.

Quality Short or Long Production Runs

Built to Your Specifications

Quality stainless steel enclosure boxes with corrosion-resistant construction.

Controlled production, assembly kitting.

Custom-designed products to fit your specifications, down to the last detail.

Single source quality enclosures, wireway, utility cabinets and custom.

Custom packaging including automated stretch wrapping and crating of all equipment for a secure delivery to the final destination.